Committee Role

The Treasurer oversees financial affairs at Alcuin College Committee, working closely with the President. They have a responsibility to ensure committee expenditure is sustainable and transparent, which includes through presenting financial accounts to College Council and open meeting.

They are also responsible for ensuring the committee adheres to contracts and agreements with third-party sponsors and businesses. The Treasurer maintains relations with the college committee's chosen charity, and ensures the committee fulfils their agreements with them.

The Treasurer works closely with the Head of Sports to ensure there are adequate membership sales to sustain sports facility hires, and will work proactively to find a solution if not.

The Treasurer represents Alcuin Committee at:

  • College Council
  • Alcuin Sports Sub-Committee
  • Other Committees as requested by YUSU, the University, or the College

A position holder would be expected to check their emails at least once every 24 hours, or provide notice when this won't be possible.

Position currently held by:
Max Kerslake
Until 31st December 2024